Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The National Road Safty

                The Road Safty

     "Accident is painful - Safety is  gainful"

        Be A Good Citizen¡.
       Obey Traffic Rules¡¡
                      Follow of these traffic sign....

These are traffic rules and safty
We should follow all traffic rules 
1. Don't overtake of any condition
2. Don't drive overspeed
3. Helmets should be  always on your bikes or scoters.
4. Safety belt should be used always in your car. 
5. Drivers should  Follow of some traffic sign which is watching above image. 

Best life is a safe life so, follow of some traffic rules and traffic sign.

A Little Care Makes The Accident Rare and

Accident  happen when least expected, Never Relax on Safety. 
Stay alert?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Deep Sea animals

      Deep sea animal and aqua blue water
There are Different  types of sea animals which is looking very beautiful......
A large number of beautiful animals which is live in sea which is most beautiful like as star fish,  flower hot jelly,  clown fish etc.
Which is look like a very beautiful and their color is very unique.
Life under water is full of beautiful creatur which are rarly seen and many people can't even name.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Smart Knowledge

                     Smart knowledge
Hello Friends,  I want to share some experience about Blogger. Blogger is that platform where you can create own Blog's page and create some post. In this I will tell you that what should be your blog And How to Commit to your Blog?


What should be Own Blog

1. Select A unique Name of Blog and written same post which would be related  your blog's Name.
2. You can select An attractive template
3. When you will create and written post which should be length of post at least 400 to 500 words
4. You would be create at least 20 to 25 blog post to verify your website with Google Adsence.
5. Don't copy of other post or don't copy same title name of blog. Otherwise you will be not approved you blog with Google Adsence.

 How to Commit to Your Blog

1. Set Practical Expectations when you start.
2. Work towars one big goal, and plan mini goals to get there.
3. Give yourself specific tasks to accomplish.
4. Give up Something you love if you miss your goal.
5.Combine habits you're overcoming with ones you're trying to establish.
6. Surround yourself with Postive People who undertstand your goal.
7. Never Stop as you build momentum.
8. Plan to Keep with it.

How should be our blog -:

Most important step of our blog is Content
And Title. Our Content should be different than other. Don't copy of other content and title.
Content should be around 300 to 400 words
 Other wise not approve your account by Google Adsense.

How to make money on blogger with adsense

                             Blogger Tutorial 
Mostly Peoples Earn money online But How And What is tricks to Earn high money? So, I want to teach you how to Earn money online From Blogger.


Easy way to earny money from blog, and guide, how to create  your account with blogger and how to earn high money with these blog. But content of your blog  should  be different other than blogger. Don't copy of  content and name of title other wise not approved your account by Google Adsense.

 Simple tips of making a popular blog

1. Your title and contain should be unique.
2. Contain words should be around 300 words.
3.Remember your problem,One of the most powerful writing strategies that how you solved them. If you haven’t quite solved them then talk about your mistakes and how they affected you.

How to Register with Blogger -:

First of all, you will be open a web page and just type and open it, you will be sign up on and after then click on Create a Blog and You can selected name of blog and  select an attractive Template.

How to verify blog on Google Adsense-:

 After then making a blog, You will be create 15 to 20 post  on own blog. and after 15 days you can check for Earning option then go left side of web page display  a option of 'Earning' and after then you will go Earning option. And  show on 'You Are Qualify to Adsense'  So, you can verify own blog for Google Adsense.

How to show Google Ads on your blog-:

 If we want to show ads on own blogger' page, we will go www. google which is you on already registered so, go to My Ads option and after you will create a new ads and then you can selected Ads types like as Side Bar, Footer etc And click on Next button  after then You Got a ads code So, Copy of Ads code and you will be go on 'Layout' option which is display on left side on your blogger's page.

After go on Layout option we will select Add A Gadget like as side bar right, Footer1, footer2 etc 
And Select  'HTML JAVA SCRIPT'  Option then open a box where you will be paste of Ads Code in this box and click on Submit. So, After 2 days, show Google ads on your Blog.

Friday, 6 January 2017

How to make money on YouTube using Adsense

How to make money from YouTube with Google Adsense

This is my second post and I will tell you how to make money on online with YouTube.

 Follow these Processure:

1.Sign up on youtube
First of all  we will registered or sign up with youtube.
2.Create channel
Second step,  we create a YouTube channel
And after then enable of monetization process.

3.Google adsence
We will create a Google Adsense account
And attached or connect with your YouTube account and follow their terms and conditions.

4.Uploading videos
We will upload videos on your YouTube channel. Videos should be genuine and not copywrite.
Monetization is a most important process
Which will be required 'enable'
  Follow the whole  process of it,  and then
you can earn high money with it.

So, sign up on YouTube and upload latest and origional videos. Don't upload copywrite videos, Otherwise your youtube's channel will be suspended by youtube team.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

How to make a Blog with Blogger

                                How to make a Blog with Blogger 

   Ummed hai Aapko Achha Lagega...  Teaching you how to make a Blog and how to earn high money with blog.

    How to create a blog
 1. Sign up on blogger, if you are a new blogger then you are follow simple steps..
2. After Sig in you will be show at Top that Create A Blog, Click on this And You will be raedy to make
an Attractive Blog.
3.Select a template and Title Name of this Blog  And The most important is that You would be make a web address or Blogger's URL

 Eg. My first blog
 After the whole process, You will get own Blog's Address , Then You can Create New Post.

For Create a New Post, You Can select an option which is at top that ' New Post" just click on this and Create 15 to 20 post.