Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The National Road Safty

                The Road Safty

     "Accident is painful - Safety is  gainful"

        Be A Good Citizen¡.
       Obey Traffic Rules¡¡
                      Follow of these traffic sign....

These are traffic rules and safty
We should follow all traffic rules 
1. Don't overtake of any condition
2. Don't drive overspeed
3. Helmets should be  always on your bikes or scoters.
4. Safety belt should be used always in your car. 
5. Drivers should  Follow of some traffic sign which is watching above image. 

Best life is a safe life so, follow of some traffic rules and traffic sign.

A Little Care Makes The Accident Rare and

Accident  happen when least expected, Never Relax on Safety. 
Stay alert?

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