Friday, 6 January 2017

How to make money on YouTube using Adsense

How to make money from YouTube with Google Adsense

This is my second post and I will tell you how to make money on online with YouTube.

 Follow these Processure:

1.Sign up on youtube
First of all  we will registered or sign up with youtube.
2.Create channel
Second step,  we create a YouTube channel
And after then enable of monetization process.

3.Google adsence
We will create a Google Adsense account
And attached or connect with your YouTube account and follow their terms and conditions.

4.Uploading videos
We will upload videos on your YouTube channel. Videos should be genuine and not copywrite.
Monetization is a most important process
Which will be required 'enable'
  Follow the whole  process of it,  and then
you can earn high money with it.

So, sign up on YouTube and upload latest and origional videos. Don't upload copywrite videos, Otherwise your youtube's channel will be suspended by youtube team.

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