Thursday, 5 January 2017

How to make a Blog with Blogger

                                How to make a Blog with Blogger 

   Ummed hai Aapko Achha Lagega...  Teaching you how to make a Blog and how to earn high money with blog.

    How to create a blog
 1. Sign up on blogger, if you are a new blogger then you are follow simple steps..
2. After Sig in you will be show at Top that Create A Blog, Click on this And You will be raedy to make
an Attractive Blog.
3.Select a template and Title Name of this Blog  And The most important is that You would be make a web address or Blogger's URL

 Eg. My first blog
 After the whole process, You will get own Blog's Address , Then You can Create New Post.

For Create a New Post, You Can select an option which is at top that ' New Post" just click on this and Create 15 to 20 post.


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