Sunday, 8 January 2017

Smart Knowledge

                     Smart knowledge
Hello Friends,  I want to share some experience about Blogger. Blogger is that platform where you can create own Blog's page and create some post. In this I will tell you that what should be your blog And How to Commit to your Blog?


What should be Own Blog

1. Select A unique Name of Blog and written same post which would be related  your blog's Name.
2. You can select An attractive template
3. When you will create and written post which should be length of post at least 400 to 500 words
4. You would be create at least 20 to 25 blog post to verify your website with Google Adsence.
5. Don't copy of other post or don't copy same title name of blog. Otherwise you will be not approved you blog with Google Adsence.

 How to Commit to Your Blog

1. Set Practical Expectations when you start.
2. Work towars one big goal, and plan mini goals to get there.
3. Give yourself specific tasks to accomplish.
4. Give up Something you love if you miss your goal.
5.Combine habits you're overcoming with ones you're trying to establish.
6. Surround yourself with Postive People who undertstand your goal.
7. Never Stop as you build momentum.
8. Plan to Keep with it.

How should be our blog -:

Most important step of our blog is Content
And Title. Our Content should be different than other. Don't copy of other content and title.
Content should be around 300 to 400 words
 Other wise not approve your account by Google Adsense.

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